Sunday Schools & Life Groups

9:30 A.M. Adult Sunday School

If you are interested in finding a life group that meets throughout the week, take a few minutes to look through those listed below.  Feel free to contact the leader of a life group to get more information and to discover whether or not it’s a fit for you.

Life Groups

Philosophy of Ministry

We know and serve one another persistently. (1 Thessalonians 2:7–8; Hebrews 4:14–16)

Week-in and week-out, we will work to know each other more and more deeply — sharing our hearts and lives, praying for one another, asking questions, and bearing each other’s burdens. We will be persistent learners of one another. And with everything we learn — good, bad, or otherwise — we will strive to love and serve one another — meeting each other’s needs, encouraging growth, and helping one another thrive.

We depend on the Lord prayerfully. (Philippians 4:6–7; Hebrews 4:14–16)

Prayer will be the regular, visible engine of our community. We need God every hour, every minute of every hour, so prayer will be our means to everything. We will look to God for everything we need, never taking his provision for granted. When we’re alone and when we’re together, we will be a people of prayer — always adoring, always confessing, always thanking, always asking.

We meet God through his word faithfully and expectantly. (Psalm 19:9–11; 2 Peter 1:3–4)

The Bible will play a central role in our community because it holds the words of life. We need those pages more than we need food, and there are always more riches to be seen, enjoyed, and applied in our lives. We read faithfully — meaning regularly and with the eyes of faith — and we read expectantly — anticipating God to speak and move each time we open his book.

We pursue disciples for Jesus boldly and globally. (Matthew 28:19–20; Acts 1:8)

Our commission from Jesus is clear: Go, and make disciples. God saved us in order to send us. We are lights in a world of darkness that is desperately in need. We are God’s chosen means of spreading good news and winning worship for himself in every corner of this earth. Therefore, we are to be bold where we are, and we are to be behind what God is doing among the nations. We will witness for Jesus where we are, and send and support witnesses where we are not.

We rest in the gospel confidently and humbly. (Romans 8:1, 32, 37–39; 1 Corinthians 15:1–4)

Everything we think, say, and do as a small group stands on the firm foundation of the gospel. We have been saved by grace through faith, wholly apart from anything we have done or earned. We do not deserve God’s love, but in Christ we have it. We want our relationships, our meetings, and our ministry together to be shaped by and soaked with the gospel. This message should produce the boldest confidence and courage, and it should produce the most tender and compassionate humility.

We work out our salvation soberly and joyfully. (Philippians 2:11–13; Galatians 5:1, 13, 25)

Lastly, we are committed to living more and more like Christ. It is the joyful privilege of God’s people to be conformed to the image of his Son. It is not pretty or easy, but it is undeniably good and important. Year-by-year, week-by-week, even day-by-day, we will be identifying areas of weakness or failure, receiving forgiveness because of the finished work of Christ, and then working together for change.

Members Say

  • As newcomers to the community in 1986, we searched for a church where we could worship, serve and be part of a family and that’s exactly what we found at Emmanuel Baptist. We found people to share life with, from the Sunday School fellowship, to serving in nursery through youth and now welcoming others in our cool coffee shop. This sweet place of worship and its people have been a blessing to us. We look forward to continuing our faith walk at Emmanuel!

    Curtis & Melissa
  • We have been members of Emmanuel since we came to the Kansas City area from Texas in 2001. Even through a couple of extended periods overseas in Australia and Singapore, we have always felt that EBC is "home" for us throughout because of the people here. If anyone wants a church that is grounded in the Bible, wholeheartedly focused on Jesus and welcoming to anyone, warts and all (and we have those for sure!), EBC is the place for you. Less about doctrine (though we're very sound in this) or eloquent preaching (though we have an awesome preacher), this is a church where you will find acceptance, love and support through life's tough times as we all seek to follow Jesus and the promises He gives us in this life and the next.

    Andy & Deanna
  • For the past 10 years it has been my privilege and joy to worship and serve at EBC. My church family has uplifted me in the best of times celebrating my marriage and the dedication of our children as well as the difficult times including the recent loss of our possessions in a fire.
    We feel that God's best for us lies just ahead. Our family is looking forward to our new start in life and we are excited about what the Lord is doing in our church!

    Craig B.
  • My husband and I recently got married and moved to Kansas City. We wanted to start this new chapter of our lives with God by our side and ended up visiting Emmanuel. Our first visit was wonderful. We were greeted by the nicest, most welcoming people and made to feel very at home. During that first service, I felt called to rededicate my life to Christ and be baptized. Pastor Matt met with me and discussed my decision. He and his wife, Sarah, guided me through every step and I was baptized last weekend! Emmanuel is a welcoming church with wonderful people to help facilitate a growth in your relationship with Jesus.

    Jennie F.
  • EBC has been our home for 10 years and we have experienced many life changes and stages during that time. This church family is encouraging and supportive when it is easy and when it gets tough. We joined EBC right before we had any children and it has been a blessing to watch our kids grow in their faith and love for Jesus and others. Our family has participated in Lifegroups at EBC and they are intimate and intentional. We enjoy AWANA and how purposeful it is in scripture memorization and making it fun. I also had the joy of doing MOPS here which impacted my heart and refreshed my soul to provide my children what they needed but also take the guilt away of not being All they need All the time. We are proud to call EBC our church family and thankful for God providing a body of believers to do life with.

    Jandee N.
  • For 24 years I’ve called Emmanuel “home”. For most of those years, I’ve served in the children’s department. One of the things I love most is that I’ve continually watched children run into their classes excitedly - ready to learn and knowing they’re loved; and I’ve watched parents walk away with smiles - knowing their children are loved, safe and will learn the truths about God and His Word.

    Nancy C.