Jason Nolan


Director of Maintenance and Custodial Services


Jason serves as Emmanuel’s head of maintenance and custodial services. He was born and has spent most of his life in Kansas. Jason has attended the church in one way or another for just about as long as he can remember, going on to be a part of the youth group and now the adult Sunday School program.

Shortly after graduating high school, he began working at Chick-fil-A where within just a few years, he would meet his future wife, Juana. After dating Juana for a few months, Jason felt it was important to have a Christ-centered lifestyle for his family moving forward. He decided to pursue work at the church as his step-father, Andrew, had served there for several years and was someone he deeply admired and looked up to. Jason continued sharing the gospel with his new extended family; and through the grace of God, he witnessed his wife and sister-in-law come to faith in Christ in 2019.

Through many years at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Jason has grown to feel at home with family while he works. Whether it is simple cleaning or installing a new light, he takes great joy in serving the church.

Jason enjoys gaming with friends online, art, deep discussions about life, coffee, and finds it nearly impossible to ignore how cute cats are.

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